Press Releases

2030 Districts Network Launches Marketplace to Give Members Special Pricing on Energy-Efficiency Products (03/29/16)
International and Chinese Architecture and Planning Firms Sign Historic Accord to Tackle Climate Change (10/27/2015)
Architecture 2030 Endorses New Buildings Institute’s Advanced Buildings New Construction Guide to meet the 2030 Challenge (06/02/15) (.html)
Edward Mazria Honored with AIA 2015 Kemper Award (12/11/2014) (.html)
Concrete Industry Group Publishes First-Ever Baselines in Support of the 2030 Challenge for Products (10/16/2014) (.html)
Architects Worldwide to Phase out Carbon by 2050 (8/14/2014) (.html)
Architecture 2030 Seeks Input on the Development of an Open Standard EPD Template (2/20/2014)
Architecture 2030’s Powerful New Platform for Transforming the Built Environment Goes Live (11/20/2013) (.html)
Sefaira and Architecture 2030 Partner to Drive Deep Energy Reductions in the Building Sector (11/15/2013) (.html)
Architecture 2030’s Powerful New Platform for Transforming the Built Environment (05/14/2013) (.html)
2030 and GreenWizard Partner On Energy Reduction Calculator (02/21/2013) (.html)
Concrete Industry Group Adopts the 2030 Challenge for Products (10/04/2012) (.html)
Great American Cities Going 2030 (08/21/2012) (.pdf)
Architecture 2030 and Greenwizard Partner for 2030 Challenge for Products (05/02/2012) (.pdf)
Lucid Partners with Seattle 2030 District (03/26/2012) (.pdf)
INTERFACEFLOR Commits to Architecture 2030 Challenge for Products (02/14/2012) (.pdf)
Edward Mazria One of Five Americans to Win Prestigious Purpose Prize (11/03/2011) (.pdf)
A Valentine to the Planet: Unleashing the Power of the Pen with the 2030 Challenge for Products (02/14/2011) (.pdf)
New Plan Would Help Congress Create 1.3 Million Jobs, Avert Imminent Commercial Real Estate Crisis (06/22/2010) (.pdf)
Building Sector Leaders Call for Steep Energy and Emissions Cuts (09/28/2009) (.pdf)
Cracking the Code: A Much-Awaited Approach (06/23/2008) (.pdf)
Edward Mazria, Founder of Architecture 2030, Honored for Conservation Leadership (05/17/2008) (.pdf)
Solving Climate Change Saves Billions: The 2030 Blueprint Study (04/07/2008) (.pdf)
The 2030 Challenge Targets Embedded in the HERS Index (02/14/2008) (.pdf)
Face It: There is a Solution to Global Warming (01/04/2008) (.pdf)
The 2030 Challenge Benchmark Set (05/04/2007) (.pdf)
Building Sector Unites to Confront Global Climate Change (12/04/2006) (.pdf)

Selected Architecture 2030 Press

Greenwire: Buildings Key in U.S. Climate Push Thanks to Architecture’s ‘Persuader in Chief’ (10/2013)
Metropolis Magazine, Game Changers 2013: Edward Mazria (01/2013)
Superstorm Sandy Delivers Wake-Up Call for Low-Lying Florida (11/2012)
3-D Maps Pictured Sandy’s Devastation–Five Years Ago (11/2012)
Setting Carbon Footprint Rules for Concrete (10/2012)
Carbon Neutral by 2030 (08/2012)
Eco-Structure: 2030 Challenge for Products (02/2012)
CWRU Observer: Cleveland 2030 to Foster Energy Efficiency in Downtown Building District (02/2012)
InsideClimate News: Greening of Building Sector on Track to Deliver Trillions in Savings by 2030 (02/2012)
Ecohome: InterfaceFlor Commits to 2030 Challenge (01/2012)
GreenBuilding Advisor: Encouraging Progress on Carbon Reduction (01/2012)
Grist: Seattle gets even greener, starting with its biggest buildings (12/2011)
Fast Company: Visualizing the Carbon in our Built Environment (10/2011)
Mother Jones: What One Stimulus Buck Could Do (05/2009) (.pdf)
Forbes: Best Home Improvements to Make in a Recession (12/2008) (.pdf)
Business Week: Building a Green America (08/2008) (.pdf)
Las Vegas Sun: National Clean Energy Summit Highlights (08/2008) (.pdf)
Washington Post: To Reduce Greenhouse Gases, Start by Shrinking Buildings (07/2008) (.pdf)
Chicago Tribune: Cleaner, Cheaper Solution (07/2008) (.pdf)
Fast Company: The Green Housing Boom (07/2008) (.pdf)
Solve Climate: Architecture 2030 Cracks the Building Code (06/2008) (.pdf)
Miami Herald: Rising Seas Inspire Architect’s Search (04/2008) (.pdf) City Commits to Pollution-Free Standards by 2030 (10/2007) (.pdf)
USA Today: Opposition Takes On Coal Plants (10/2007) (.pdf)
Seattle Times: Fighting to Stay Above Water (09/2007) (.pdf)
ABC News: New Report Visualizes Impact of Sea Level Rise on U.S. Coastal Cities (09/2007) (.pdf)
Metropolis: Turning Down the Global Thermostat (10/2003) (.pdf)

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